Costa Rica

© 2017 Richard Danter

After my recent trip to India I wasn’t expecting to be doing any more travelling for a while, but then the chance to go to Costa Rica came up. Having never been there either, I just had to say yes!

And so it was that I found myself almost exactly the opposite side of the Earth to Bangalore, in San Jose.

Temperatures were much more comfortable at around 25C during the day. One thing that surprised me was that it wasn’t all pure blue skies the whole time. In fact much of the time it looked more like the photo above.

But not all the time as this photo across the rooftops shows.

© 2017 Richard Danter

Sadly my trip was very brief, just a few days, and not a lot of free time to explore so I definitely have to go back again some time!

Anyway, until the next time, take care!