Water Nymph – Portsmouth Model Portfolio Photography

Water Nymph

© 2014 Richard Danter

One of the nice things about working with models on their portfolios is that the shoots tend to be collaborations. I love to bounce ideas back and forth and experiment to see what works best.

Alice had lots of ideas for this shoot and, before she arrived, I spent time trying different lighting setups.

One of the key things with the lighting, besides getting the best possible quality of light, was safety. In this instance we were working with a lot of water and mains electricity. Not a great combination! Fortunately I had had the idea to bounce the light off of the white ceiling to try and get soft wrapping light and this allowed me to have the light only just inside the room, far from the water.

The shot up top is a tight crop intended to look like Alice is in a pond or close to the shore of a lake. In reality, as the following image shows, she was in a bathtub!

Water Nymph II

© 2014 Richard Danter

To make the water go green Alice had the idea of using a bath bomb. It worked well, though the colour was a little weak requiring a boost it in post production.

She also brought leaves and flowers, which added to the authenticity. The leaves alone worked well for the pond shot whilst the flowers brought a lot more colour and worked better for the more artistic images we did later.

Alice was such a pleasure to work with I really hope we can collaborate again in the future.

More soon,