© Richard Danter

© Richard Danter

I love Kate Beckinsale’s character, Selene, in the Underworld films and thought it would be fun to create some images based on the artwork for the movie posters.

Way more photoshop that I usually do, but always good to push the boundaries once in a while and get out of the comfort zone.

© Richard Danter

© Richard Danter

Many thanks to Suzy for agreeing to play the Selene role and let me lose with Photoshop!

Take care


Suzanna – Dark and Moody


© Richard Danter

I met Suzanna recently and we got chatting about doing a photo shoot to add some new images to her portfolio. She was interested in doing something dark and moody, which I thought would be interesting for me too.

I often shoot with a plain black background though, so whilst I thought we’d do that this time I wanted to vary it a bit too.

dark-moody-fashion-portrait-001 dark-moody-fashion-portrait-004

I have an old mottled backdrop which I have not used for a while, but I thought it would work really well for these shots.

I also experimented a little more with colour in Photoshop. I avoid using filters, which are very common on some photo sharing sites, preferring more natural colours, but for this set I wanted something to enhance the mood. Thinking of some of the movie posters like those for Twilight and Harry Potter I decided to see what a colder blue would look like.


I loved the blue on the top photo, but for most of the images I kept the colours as they came out of the camera or converted to black and white.

All of these photos were shot in a living room. I can set up a studio in almost any room if I can clear an area of about 3m x 3m (roughly 10 ft square). From head shots to family portraits it is surprising what can be done in a small area with a little care and creativity.

More soon.


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