Abseiling the Spinnaker Tower

© 2017 Richard Danter

As you may know, Lorna works for a local charity, Y Services, which works with young people in the area. Charities are always looking to get donations to help them provide the support and facilities needed.

What better way to raise some funds than with a sponsored event which also happens to be something you have always wanted to do anyway? So here is Lorna, looking rather small as she abseils down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

She raised over £500 for Y Services and wanted to say a big Thank You! to everyone who sponsored her.

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Forton Football


Photo © Richard Danter, Words © The News

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an talent show I photographed for Y-Services at the Genesis youth centre in Fareham. Today I am writing about another event organised by the same group.

In celebration of the fact that the charity had received sponsorship from Barclays to fund a weekly football group in Forton, Gosport, they organised a 5-a-side football competition. Also attending were people from Eaton Aerospace who are also working with the charity on various projects.

To add to the excitement there were a number of other activities including Play Rangers and several competitions with a football theme.

Barclays organised for the Premiership League Trophy to be brought down and I was very happy to be able to photograph many of the people who came out for the day with the trophy.

To say thank you for the sponsorship, several of the boys who take part in the club every Saturday morning presented a photo to the local Barclays Bank branch manager. I was very pleased when one of my photos was used in the local newspaper (The News) and on their web site. The scan above s from the printed paper.

That wasn’t the only photo I took though.


© Richard Danter

My favourite photo from the day was this one of the Mayor talking to some young children who had been having their faces painted. As mayors go this one seemed like a lot of fun, shortly before this was taken he was doing “selfies” with some of the teenagers and handing out “Mayor Bear” badges. 🙂

I think it was a fantastic day, lots of fun and a great advertisement for the work Y-Services does for the community.

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