Super Heroes – Fareham Event Photography

© 2015 Richard Danter

© 2015 Richard Danter

I am very fortunate to be able to work with a group of people who really are heroes. They are the youth workers from the Y Services charity, for which I regularly photograph events.

Most people probably don’t know of the work these people do – often volunteering in their own time – to help and support young people. Y Services works in a number of centres around South Hampshire and this past weekend held a Cosplay event at Fareham College.

Leading by example, as always, are Chris, Lauren, Ben and Keith. A fantastic four even if not the fantastic four!

For more information on the work done by Y Services, see their web site.

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Forton Football


Photo © Richard Danter, Words © The News

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an talent show I photographed for Y-Services at the Genesis youth centre in Fareham. Today I am writing about another event organised by the same group.

In celebration of the fact that the charity had received sponsorship from Barclays to fund a weekly football group in Forton, Gosport, they organised a 5-a-side football competition. Also attending were people from Eaton Aerospace who are also working with the charity on various projects.

To add to the excitement there were a number of other activities including Play Rangers and several competitions with a football theme.

Barclays organised for the Premiership League Trophy to be brought down and I was very happy to be able to photograph many of the people who came out for the day with the trophy.

To say thank you for the sponsorship, several of the boys who take part in the club every Saturday morning presented a photo to the local Barclays Bank branch manager. I was very pleased when one of my photos was used in the local newspaper (The News) and on their web site. The scan above s from the printed paper.

That wasn’t the only photo I took though.


© Richard Danter

My favourite photo from the day was this one of the Mayor talking to some young children who had been having their faces painted. As mayors go this one seemed like a lot of fun, shortly before this was taken he was doing “selfies” with some of the teenagers and handing out “Mayor Bear” badges. 🙂

I think it was a fantastic day, lots of fun and a great advertisement for the work Y-Services does for the community.

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I love live music so I jumped at the chance to photograph a recent talent show at the Genesis centre in Locks Heath. A group of young people got together with their youth workers from Y Services and musicians from Music Fusion to show what they had learned.


Some of the band members had been learning their instruments for only a short time, but the performance was amazing!


I had a really great time and I think it was pretty clear that the young people did too. They deserve be very proud of themselves.

I have been working a lot recently with Y Services so look out for more photos soon. To find out more about them and what they do pop over to their web site:

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Youth Work Week 2013

Last November I had the pleasure of working with again some wonderful young people and staff at Y Services.

It was Youth Week and we photographed many of the young people expressing what youth work means to them. They were free to write whatever they thought and hold up their work for the photos.

So many young people wanted to take part that I thought the best way to show all of them was through a video. I think the result is fantastic.

One young person, Zenia, helped out with the setup, shot and even edited a few of the photos. I think she did a great job, so thank you Zenia!

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Celebration of Achievement


It’s taken me a little time to get round to writing this due to some unexpected excitement. Not quite as good as it sounds, I ended up in hospital having an emergency operation! I’ll spare you the details, but would like to say a big thank you to all the wonderful staff at QA Hospital for taking great care of me!

So, on to what I really wanted to write about…

I attended the Celebration of Achievement awards ceremony in Fareham a couple of weeks ago. This event, organised by Y Services, is held to recognise the efforts of some wonderful young people. Each was nominated by their youth worker for an award for their personal achievements. News papers and TV seem to love highlighting the trouble caused by young people, what they miss is all the good work they do and it is fantastic to see just a few of them getting the recognition they deserve.

What struck me about the event was not just how wonderful these young people are, but also how much the youth workers put in to what they do. I’m not just talking about time – many of them are volunteers – but also how much of their heart and soul is invested in what they do.

If you are interested in what it is like from the youth worker point of view then I highly recommend you read the Philosophy of Fi blog, in particular The Y Blog post, which also talks about this event. It is written straight from the heart and very moving.

For more information about Y Services please check out their web page. They are in the process of moving sites so I am going to give you both the current and new addresses, hopefully one or other will work:

I’m sure they would love to hear from anyone who would like to volunteer, or from any young people who are looking for advice or support.

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WMCC Show 2013


I was delighted to be asked to photograph at the Waterlooville Motorcycle Club Classic to Modern Motorcycle Show again this year. I don’t think there was a show last year, but I photographed the year before that. Weather wasn’t quite as nice this time, but other than a couple of light showers it wasn’t too bad at all.

Though I am not much of a biker myself I do appreciate the classical beauty of the vintage machines, the power of the more modern bikes and the amazing artwork to be seen on some of them.

Also great was listening to Jim telling stories of trips to France. Loved the photos and how the little trailer is so small he and Maria use it as a suitcase and take it up to their room!


I thought the best was to share the photos was a slideshow, so click play and enjoy…

WMCC Show 2013 from Richard Danter on Vimeo.

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