Amy for Debbie Leno Hair & Makeup Artist

© 2017 Richard Danter

This is my personal favourite photo from a recent shoot for Debbie Leno, a local hair and makeup artist. Our model for the day, despite never having modelled before, was Amy. I think she did a wonderful job and we had a lot of fun working on different looks.

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Jess – Portsmouth Portrait Photography

© 2017 Richard Danter

Having worked with Miriam King on a recent portrait shoot she asked me if I would like to work with her again on some more portraits to showcase her hair and makeup. Of course I had to say yes, and now I can share a few examples of her work. Our lovely model for the day was Jess.

© 2017 Richard Danter

Miriam calls this stye her no-makeup makeup.

© 2017 Richard Danter

© 2017 Richard Danter

We are already planning further shoots, so look out for more here soon!

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Couture Hair and Make Up

couture-wedding-hair-makeup-005 couture-wedding-hair-makeup-006

One of the best things about being a photographer is getting to meet and work with new and interesting people. A few months ago, at a wedding fair in the Thorngate Halls, Gosport, I met Claire who runs Couture Hair and Make Up.

They got to chatting, as you’d expect ;o) and ended up planning a shoot!


Work schedules being what they are it took a little time, but we managed to organise a day early in April to work together. The main goal was to create some photos to show a few different wedding hair and make-up styles. Claire organised two fantastic models to work with, Cara and Charlotte, and we worked at Claire’s home where she has her salon.

couture-wedding-hair-makeup-001 couture-wedding-hair-makeup-003

These are just a few of the images we created. After shooting the wedding styles we had some fun with a vintage look too!

couture-vintage-hair-makeup-002 couture-vintage-hair-makeup-003

We all had a fantastic day working together. It was certainly a lot of work, but a lot of fun too and I am sure Claire and I will work together again soon. It’s only a matter of time until we are both booked for the same wedding I’m sure.

I want to say a big thank you to Charlotte and Cara too. They were very professional but great company all day long. Thank you!

Take care


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Dove Release


Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a dove release for the first time. Working with Karen from Bridal Dreamz, who supplied the wedding dress and suit, and Kevin from Unity Doves, I was asked to produce several photos for use on their web pages and marketing.

wedding-dove-release-003 wedding-dove-release-004

The weather was fantastic with beautiful clear blue sky, just what Kevin wanted, but for the first shots I headed for the shade of some trees.

Kevin brought three doves and we started with the baby. This was his (or her, Kevin wasn’t sure yet) first flight so nobody was very sure what would happen. Opting for a hand release I was pretty sure it would at least fly but I had no idea how fast. The little one was off like a rocket and I was pleased to have caught it at all!


Next was one of the two mature birds and we went for a basket release. The plan was to open the basket on the count of three and capture him as he flew out. Unfortunately, nobody thought to share the plan with the bird. Basket opens, ready on the shutter release and… nothing. A cunning plan maybe, keep us guessing and then shoot out when we were not expecting it!


The final dove also kept us waiting for a moment or two, but it was soon obvious that it was just so he could get his feathers looking good for a little posing on the edge of the basket. Then, after strutting his stuff he was off too.

I spoke to Kevin again the next day and he was happy to confirm that all three doves found their way home safe and well.

A big thank you also to our models for the day. Neither Megan or Reece had done anything like this before but they were great.

It’s a lovely idea for a wedding, and unusual too. I really enjoyed it and will be well prepared should any of my couples decide to release birds on their big day.

Take care


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Forest Hair

Photography: Richard Danter

Hair & Makeup: BettyBee

Model: Martine


This is the second of two shoots I did with BettyBee to show her hair and makeup expertise. I wrote about the first, Tribal Hair, a couple of weeks ago.

The theme for this shoot was the forest or woodlands.


I chose to use available light and reflectors, rather than flash, in order to keep the natural look and feel for the shoot. The only problem with this is that the leaves colour the light and this tends to leave a green tinge on the skin. Using flash would have given white light, but that could easily look artificial. I chose instead to correct the colour in post processing.


Working with both Martine and BettyBee was a real pleasure and I think the results made the hike up the hills well worth the effort.

If you are a hair stylist, makeup artist, designer or model and would like to organise a shoot to show your work then please feel free to contact me. Whether it is a studio shoot or out on location I’m sure we can organise something!

Take care



Tribal Hair

Photography: Richard Danter

Hair & Makeup: BettyBee

Model: Libby


This is the first of two recent shoots with BettyBee to showcase her hair styling. In this instance our model was Libby with a tribal design. We were working with natural light, just before sunset, at a small lake near Petersfield. What I liked most about the location was that we were surrounded by trees. Not quite the jungles of Borneo, but a lot easier to get to!


This was actually the very first time Libby had done any modelling, but I think she did a great job and was a real pleasure to work with. I’d love to have the opportunity to work with her again.

BettyBee took on double duty as my assistant, holding a reflector when needed, as well as looking after Libby’s hair, makeup and wardrobe. We also worked together on the planning of the shots to ensure we had everything she wanted for her portfolio.


This last shot was actually taken early on and I think it is one of my favourites. I like the sun flare, which is usually something to be avoided, and the rich colours. It almost looks like a studio shot.

Look out for part two coming soon.



Prom Fashion for Twirl by Night

Twirl by Night - Dream Girl Collection

So pleased when I saw my photos on the Twirl web site. It was a long day, but a lot of fun working with the three lovely models and a whole host of assistants. Everyone should be feeling proud of their efforts right now! 🙂

Twirl by Night - Glamour Girl CollectionTwirl by Night - Sweet Girl Collection

Well done everybody!

Take care