Bump 2.0 – Portsmouth Maternity Photography

© Richard Danter

© Richard Danter

Had a return visit from Michelle. It’s three years since her first maternity shoot and it was lovely to be asked to photograph her again for number two. This time she brought her partner and little girl along too and we created several images including each of them.

This shot is one of my favourites, it really shows just how big she is. Won’t be long now…

Take care


Introducing Isla



Meet Isla, my new niece. 🙂


As usual I carted a load of kit – we did the photos as Isla’s grandparents house – but all I really needed was one camera and one lens. We borrowed one of her blankets for a background and used it to cover the sofa. Using her own blanket helped as it had a familiar feel and smell, making her feel at home and comfortable.


Wasn’t sure if I was going to need flash so I took a couple of lights and stands and all the other bits and pieces, but in the end the window light was just perfect, so everything was left unpacked. Bet I’d have needed it all though if I hadn’t taken it along!

Loving the B&W too, I seem to be drawn more and more to black and white photos lately. Perhaps it is all the old photos I keep looking at.

Take care,


Kim, Gareth and Bubble


…and Cammy the dog of course, couldn’t miss him out!

At 37 weks, this was the perfect time to photograph my sister and her husband. They both love going for walks and being out and about so we decided to do the photos along the riverbank. It was rather cold, too cold for me, but I think the results made it well worth while. 🙂 Think I’ll pack an extra jumper next time though…



I’m really looking forward to being an uncle again, should be soon now! I wonder, what will Bubble be like?

Take care