Couture Hair and Make Up

couture-wedding-hair-makeup-005 couture-wedding-hair-makeup-006

One of the best things about being a photographer is getting to meet and work with new and interesting people. A few months ago, at a wedding fair in the Thorngate Halls, Gosport, I met Claire who runs Couture Hair and Make Up.

They got to chatting, as you’d expect ;o) and ended up planning a shoot!


Work schedules being what they are it took a little time, but we managed to organise a day early in April to work together. The main goal was to create some photos to show a few different wedding hair and make-up styles. Claire organised two fantastic models to work with, Cara and Charlotte, and we worked at Claire’s home where she has her salon.

couture-wedding-hair-makeup-001 couture-wedding-hair-makeup-003

These are just a few of the images we created. After shooting the wedding styles we had some fun with a vintage look too!

couture-vintage-hair-makeup-002 couture-vintage-hair-makeup-003

We all had a fantastic day working together. It was certainly a lot of work, but a lot of fun too and I am sure Claire and I will work together again soon. It’s only a matter of time until we are both booked for the same wedding I’m sure.

I want to say a big thank you to Charlotte and Cara too. They were very professional but great company all day long. Thank you!

Take care


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Suzanna – Dark and Moody


© Richard Danter

I met Suzanna recently and we got chatting about doing a photo shoot to add some new images to her portfolio. She was interested in doing something dark and moody, which I thought would be interesting for me too.

I often shoot with a plain black background though, so whilst I thought we’d do that this time I wanted to vary it a bit too.

dark-moody-fashion-portrait-001 dark-moody-fashion-portrait-004

I have an old mottled backdrop which I have not used for a while, but I thought it would work really well for these shots.

I also experimented a little more with colour in Photoshop. I avoid using filters, which are very common on some photo sharing sites, preferring more natural colours, but for this set I wanted something to enhance the mood. Thinking of some of the movie posters like those for Twilight and Harry Potter I decided to see what a colder blue would look like.


I loved the blue on the top photo, but for most of the images I kept the colours as they came out of the camera or converted to black and white.

All of these photos were shot in a living room. I can set up a studio in almost any room if I can clear an area of about 3m x 3m (roughly 10 ft square). From head shots to family portraits it is surprising what can be done in a small area with a little care and creativity.

More soon.


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