QE Park


Amy © Richard Danter

It was a lovely day on Sunday so we decided to go for a walk in Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Not surprisingly it was rather busy – we were not the only ones making the most of the warm sunny weather. There was even a group making use of one of the barbecue sites.

The sun was actually rather strong without a single cloud to soften the harsh light, so for the photo of Amy above we went into one of the shelters. There were several picnic tables and benches in there, probably to protect them from the winter rain, which were ideal for a place to sit her.

Amy almost never stops moving, she is always on the go and fidgets constantly. I feel sorry for her teachers at school! But with her sat on the bench and looking at her mum she did manage to be still for a few seconds. Just a few though, she was soon off again…

Take care


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