Spam, spam and more spam!

For the last couple of days the blog has been inundated with spam comments so, sadly, I am having to temporarily disable commenting on all posts.

When I get a little time I will see what I can do to allow genuine comments whilst blocking the spam bots.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Update – January 2014

Over the Christmas break I discovered that one of the blogs I read quite regularly also has a problem with spam and that filtering out the bots has become a major time eater. The solution proposed is to use Twitter and a hashtag for each posting. It is an interesting experiment and I thought it would be worth trying here too.

So, for all future posts (starting in January 2014), I will end each blog entry with the hashtag  to use for that post. If you have any comments or suggestions on this post then use #radanterComments and be sure to also include @radanter if you want to be sure I see it.