Black and White Fashion


A couple of weeks ago I came across a casting call from Sarah Green on the Model Mayhem web site. She was looking to add a black and white fashion shoot to her portfolio and was looking for a photographer to collaborate with.


I had already seen some of Sarah’s work, so I knew she was an excellent model and couldn’t resist getting in touch. We organised to meet up one evening and shoot on the streets and green areas near to her home.


One of the advantages of being a wedding photographer is that you get used to making the most of the locations you have. Even the most picturesque churches tend to have signs and notices in the most inconvenient places so you get used to looking for clutter-free areas and angles that hide the things you don’t want in the shot.


Of course there is always Photoshop, but what may only take a second to fix by careful positioning can take hours to fix later in Photoshop.


In this case some Photoshop was necessary in order to convert to black and white, but other than that the editing was pretty minimal and Sarah and I are both very happy with the results.

More soon!



Wedding: Jodie and William


Had the pleasure and honour to photograph the wedding of my niece Jodie to William last weekend. It’s a little strange working at a wedding when you know so many people and even more so when they are your family and friends!

It was a lovely day, actually it was a very hot day and I think everyone spent most of their time looking for shade and trying to keep cool.


I took my usual kit plus a new 85mm lens. I love the shallow depth of field that fast glass gives and, although my two main lenses are fast the new primary is even just amazing and allowed me to capture the top image in a way I just couldn’t do previously. I like it and I think I shall be spending some time experimenting to see what else it can do before the next wedding comes along.


To see some more of the photos from the day check out the video slideshow below…

Take care